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turnout - VertreibungLast post 26 Mar 15, 13:13
http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=Vertreibung%20turnout&searchLoc=0&resultOrder1 Replies
turnout - ÜberholmöglichkeitLast post 21 Sep 10, 00:54
To give so. a turnout Jemanden auf einer Bergstrasse eine Überholmöglichkeit bieten, indem …1 Replies
turnout positionLast post 09 Apr 08, 11:05
the reflector lies in a space an can pivotably be moved betwenn a reflecting position for re…1 Replies
turnout gearLast post 06 Sep 10, 16:44
Das ist das, was Feuerwehrmänner mit sich rumtragen. Wie heißt das auf Deutsch? http://www.…2 Replies
slow turnoutLast post 04 May 12, 16:02
I'm looking for a possible translation for "slow turnout". This is the full sentence: "Seem…3 Replies
turnout gear - FeuerwehrschutzkleidungLast post 09 Mar 16, 21:58
Bunker gear or turnout gear are terms used by many firefighters to refer to their Personal P…5 Replies
turnout of voters - WahlbeteiligungLast post 05 May 05, 19:05
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/vote_2005/have_your_say/4508575.stm Once the turnout …2 Replies
turnout and hackingLast post 16 Jul 07, 09:15
The Riding school has a total of 27 horses wit access to 15 acres of fields for turnout and …1 Replies
perform like a turnoutLast post 13 Jan 09, 10:42
Katalog für Pferdedecken: Make your Fly Rug Perform like a Turnout! Hier wird ein Produkt …2 Replies
entry fee per turnoutLast post 19 Apr 19, 11:02
LIST OF COMPULSORY FEES: Entry Fee per Turnout Single € 100 Pairs € 100 Four-in-hand € 100 St1 Replies