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Wheelbarrows uniteLast post 19 Jul 10, 02:44
I recently learned that in Spanish, wheelbarrow = carretilla. A compound word I assume. Well33 Replies
to unite - sich zusammentunLast post 08 Feb 06, 19:36
to join together Learning English Compact Course 4 - Klett no0 Replies
Could One Word Unite The World?Last post 15 Oct 14, 01:30
Could One Word Unite The World? http://www.npr.org/blogs/13.7/2013/11/11/244573567/could-on…19 Replies
unite and empower - vereinigen und ermaechtigenLast post 24 Mar 16, 10:19
A local choir asked me to translate their mission statement for them, as they will be trave…5 Replies
lowest-cost uniteLast post 01 Nov 09, 23:03
easyJet1 Replies
unter einem Dach vereinen - unite them under a roofLast post 05 Dec 07, 14:49
Unsere Firma nutzt die Synergieeffekte von Umweltenergie, Ökologie und Bauphysik und versuch…2 Replies
Both books unite with a common theme:Last post 05 Dec 10, 05:23
After reading the The Cat's Eye and The Sun Never Sets, it is easy to see that both books un…1 Replies
interface with peopleLast post 28 Aug 13, 21:50
"Roughly one billion people are traveling globally and interfacing with people from all diffe5 Replies
nothing to lose but your chainsLast post 23 Nov 09, 14:39
Marx: Workers of the word unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains. Diese Aussage vo…6 Replies
Zusammenschliessen.Last post 03 May 08, 14:26
1901 schlossen sich Kolonien zu einer eigenstaendigen Nation zusammen. In 1901 aligned the …1 Replies