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UnitsLast post 13 Nov 07, 12:07
I've got a question about units, more precisely how to abbreviate them. For example, I've se…0 Replies
numbers and unitsLast post 05 Jan 10, 15:40
How do you write out numbers and units? Is there a space between the number and unit, when …7 Replies
Units of lengthLast post 03 Apr 08, 21:54
Hey everyone, I've recently read a couple of technical reports (all in American English). I…23 Replies
Units - UnternehmenLast post 28 Jul 09, 21:54
Units may select to pay taxes with their basic deposit accounts. Zwar steht bei Leo unter "U…1 Replies
unitsLast post 26 Mar 06, 19:27
auf einem Zeugnis: Units earned (hier steht für jeden Gegenstand eine Zahl, z.B. 0,2 od. 1,5…2 Replies
unitsLast post 22 Sep 10, 16:00
the 7 external cost units shown in Table 1 ich habe eine Tabelle, die aus 7 Punkten besteht…4 Replies
English units for densityLast post 06 Aug 09, 07:03
I don't know if this is the right forum to ask this question, but maybe there's someone who …8 Replies
Einer-Stelle - unitsLast post 31 Jul 07, 10:52
Softkeyleiste zur Eingabe der Einer-Stelle von VMZ Does this mean "units" as in "hundreds, t…24 Replies
British usage of metric unitsLast post 26 Apr 10, 15:44
I would like to share two funny encounters I had with the British trying to master the incre…9 Replies
documentation units (REIF) - UnterlagenmaßeinheitenLast post 28 Sep 04, 21:47
Das moderne Sicherheitssystem der Unterlagenmaßeinheiten (REIF), das sowohl mit den intellig…1 Replies