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    upgrade (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

ungraded, upgrade Upgrade

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aufgerüstet - upgraded Last post 23 Aug 07, 11:21
Das Triebfahrzeug muss mit einer Vorrichtung ausgestattet sein, die die Traktion sperrt und …5 Replies
Upgraded roomsLast post 12 Sep 16, 11:38
Warm rooms with traditional furnishings provide flat-screen TVs, WiFi (fee), minifridges, an…7 Replies
upgraded metallurgyLast post 07 Jul 16, 17:30
Aus einer Broschüre eines Anbieters für diverse Schweißverfahren u. a. in Petrochemie:Übersc…4 Replies
upgraded seatLast post 06 Jul 11, 18:22
The old woman complained of the location of her seat on the plane. I had purposely selected …8 Replies
are upgraded - sind upgradebarLast post 29 Jun 20, 15:32
Formats containing fixed fields are seldom easily upgraded.http://www.fileformat.info/mirror…3 Replies
upgraded Internet Citrix portalLast post 04 Aug 15, 22:50
Konversation Conclusion: Let's hope for an upgraded Internet Citrix portal as soon as possi…3 Replies
to be upgraded (at a hotel)Last post 26 Sep 11, 16:42
We got upgraded to the presidential suite at the hotel- it was wonderful! How would you say…20 Replies
will produce increasingly more resources as a building is upgraded. - wird zunehmend mehr Einnahmen produzieren sobald das Gebäude erweitert ist.Last post 24 Jul 08, 16:27
The Workshop upgrades buildings to make them more efficient. The same number of vassals will…2 Replies
Straßenbahn durch den Ausbau zur Stadtbahn in den Untergrund verlegt - the tram was upgraded to a lightrail system and moved to the underground.Last post 09 Jan 11, 12:09
Ab 1965 wird die Straßenbahn durch den Ausbau zur Stadtbahn in den Untergrund verlegt. Fro…6 Replies
leicht nachzurüstend - easy-to-retrofitLast post 30 May 14, 11:52
Eine leicht nachzurüstende Verbindung für Datenleitungen ist bereitzustellen. -> An easy-to-…4 Replies