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Orthographically similar words

musing, sing, singe, sling, sting, swing Swing

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using/through usingLast post 21 Aug 12, 16:12
Hallo liebe Leute, ich hätte nie geglaubt, dass "through using" oder "by using" xy idiomati…2 Replies
Using old German stampsLast post 25 Dec 11, 21:14
When the stamps for large letters within Germany went up from 1.44 to 1.45 euro I went to th…31 Replies
Using Undictionaried WordsLast post 05 Jun 12, 09:58
le mot juste is always worth the effort NYT http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/04/…6 Replies
über - usingLast post 28 May 10, 19:02
Connection Settings: rdesktop über Java-Applet Connection Settings: rdesktop using Java app…2 Replies
benützt - usingLast post 19 Nov 09, 14:58
Kann man das so schreiben? Wie benützt der Eigentümer das Haus im Moment? How is the owneru…2 Replies
Using US electrical equipment in GermanyLast post 22 Jan 09, 08:02
I found that I may be moving to Germany within the next year. My question is regarding my el…35 Replies
German constructions using "her"Last post 17 Apr 07, 12:53
I often hear sentences in German using "her" but it is not always clear if this is grammatic…10 Replies
Using the word "citizen"Last post 07 Jun 07, 13:37
I often find myself translating "Bürger" as "people" instead of "citizens" and am trying to …21 Replies
Outsourcing = outside source using?Last post 13 Mar 02, 22:03
Can anyone of the native english speakers help me with this word? This term describes the f…6 Replies
had been using / usedLast post 11 Oct 08, 17:11
Du weißt, dass ich immer die Kamera meines Bruders benutzte. Zufällig sah ich genaus diessel…6 Replies