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employ, capitalize, capitalise, utilise, deploy, apply, use

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utilize timeLast post 13 Nov 07, 22:07
There have been many significant changes in the world structure, the advancement of technolo…3 Replies
use vs. utilizeLast post 28 Nov 08, 16:46
Könnte mir jemand den prinzipiellen Unterschied zwischen "use" und "utilize" erkläre3 Replies
use vs. utilize Last post 29 Nov 08, 01:59
Könnte mir jemand den prinzipiellen Unterschied zwischen "use" und "utilize" erkläre7 Replies
In order to utilize...Last post 20 Mar 10, 16:18
Kontext AGB: In order to utilize this service, you represent and warrant that you possess …4 Replies
to utilize a programLast post 23 Dec 13, 18:15
How is your company utilizing the training program? Indicate why your company is not util3 Replies
utilize in connection with humans??Last post 04 Sep 12, 11:50
I've just read a formal text where they write that "staff or external freelancers are utiliz…7 Replies
Potential erschöpfen - fully utilize potentialLast post 20 Nov 10, 16:17
Kontext: Agrarwirtschaft in einem Entwicklungsland Das Produktionspotential wird bei weite…1 Replies
difference between exploit and utilize (auswerten)Last post 24 Nov 09, 12:42
here's the context (movie business): Die Geschichte ist ein Setup für jede Menge weitere Ge…11 Replies
be aware of and utilize supportLast post 04 Sep 08, 17:25
"Our members are aware of and utilize the support and benefits offered by the organisation (…1 Replies
difference between 'to use' and 'to utilize'?Last post 07 Jan 02, 12:13
Hi there, I just had a discussion about the german translation of the verbs 'to use' and 'to…9 Replies

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