Possible base forms for "valued"

    value (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

alumed, Value, value, valuer

Related search terms

estimative, appreciated

Forum discussions containing the search term

valuedLast post 08 Jun 10, 12:15
the child is likely to develop an internal working model of self as valued and self-reliant …4 Replies
much-valued or much valued?Last post 26 Aug 13, 20:06
The product is organic - something much-valued bythe customer today? do we need a hyphen he…7 Replies
integer valuedLast post 19 Feb 10, 16:11
It is not rquired that X is integer-valued. Ich weiß was es heißt nur tu ich mich gerade sc…2 Replies
single-valued - rechtseindeutigLast post 17 Apr 08, 16:15
A function from X to Y is a single-valued, total relation between X and Y. (Die deutsche Va…6 Replies
single valued - einwertigLast post 18 Aug 06, 22:14
single valued function (of x) Was ist eine einwertige Funktion? eindeutige wäre doch eher "…3 Replies
valued priced productsLast post 01 Sep 08, 21:23
As a business professional you know that cost efficiency and valued priced products are esse…2 Replies
mehrwertig - many-valuedLast post 30 Jun 12, 03:34
Mehrwertige Logik ist ein Oberbegriff für alle logischen Systeme, die mehr als zwei Wahrheit…3 Replies
assessed and valuedLast post 10 Aug 14, 09:05
Through tea tasting the worthiness of various types of tea is assessed and valued. Hallo, d…3 Replies
de-valued onLast post 26 Jun 11, 21:44
Immobilien, Wertermittlung: The subject property is current x% vacant, with a current rent …2 Replies
Dear valued customerLast post 10 Mar 11, 15:23
This is a common letter-head in Englsih. I would like to know if there is a German equivale…4 Replies

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