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volcanic eruption - echte VulkanexplosionLast post 21 Mar 13, 13:12
Sideways directed volcanic explosions, known as "lateral blasts," can shoot large pieces of …4 Replies
volcanic coneLast post 19 Dec 07, 15:21
volcanic cone volcanic cone3 Replies
Kraterabbruch - collapsed part of volcanic craterLast post 16 Aug 04, 08:32
This name has been given to a geological feature on the Canary Island of El Hierro3 Replies
Lake Turkana is sounded by a desolate volcanic landscapeLast post 12 Mar 16, 11:31
http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20151207-the-remote-lake-that-tells-the-story-of-humanitys-bi…2 Replies
Bericht über die vulkanischen Ereignisse... N. Jahrb. f. Min. - Report on the Volcanic Occurrences... N. Annal(yearly publication) for Min.Last post 02 Aug 07, 01:08
I am trying to figure out what the following title is, in its unabbreviated form: Bericht ü…3 Replies
Iceland is the biggest island of volcanic origin (in the world). - Island ist die größte Insel von vulkanischer Herkunft (der Welt)Last post 30 Dec 08, 08:16
Iceland is the biggest island of volcanic origin (in the world). = Island ist die größte I…1 Replies
Die Insel entstand aus vulkanischen Ausbrüchen die vor mehr als 70 Milionen Jahren stattgefunden haben. - This island was developed from volcanic eruption they have taken before more than 70 milionen years.Last post 02 Sep 08, 15:20
ist die Übersetzung richtig???2 Replies
We have to seal these volcanic vents back up before they endanger all the sea life in this area.Last post 17 Dec 11, 21:15
Hallo zusammen, nun geht es mal wieder um Science Fiction und ein paar Krieger, die wieder …5 Replies
It was their idea to open up those volcanic vents so you goodie-goodies would come running to save the day.Last post 17 Dec 11, 14:43
Hi zusammen noch mal, nun geht es um folgendes: Der Bösewicht (Science Fiction) hat die Tru…6 Replies
VulkantätigkeitLast post 10 Mar 05, 14:54
Emissionen treten bereits bei natürlichen Prozessen auf, wie Vulkantätigkeit, mikrobiellen P…1 Replies