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Orthographically similar words

award, bard, card, lard, wad, wade, warm, warn, warp, wear, word arid, Wade, Wadi, wahr, Waid, Wald, Wand, Ware, warm, Wart, Yard

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district, quarter

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wardLast post 14 Apr 11, 18:09
I'm having trouble finding how to use the word "ward" in my grammar book. Any idea what sec…10 Replies
ward/wurdeLast post 23 May 09, 14:13
Aus T. Manns Der Bajazzo (1897). Der Erzähler beschreibt seine Mutter: Ihr Haar wurde ni1 Replies
ward vs. guardianLast post 20 Nov 13, 20:14
"I first met him in Bedlam and appreciated that he was far from mad. I had him moved to a ca…12 Replies
outer ward - der ZwingerLast post 03 Sep 10, 17:22
Bei http://www.schloesserland-sachsen.de/en/palaces_castles_and_gardens/palaces/dresden_zw…2 Replies
maternity and baby wardLast post 03 Jan 12, 07:24
Kann ich den Satz so schreiben? Es gibt keine Vorgabe. Its maternity and baby ward provides…3 Replies
psych ward - psychiatrische KlinikLast post 05 Mar 08, 21:20
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psych_ward2 Replies
polio ward - PoliostationLast post 05 Aug 13, 12:21
Few children in the "polio ward" were expected to reach adolescence - their life expectancy …1 Replies
Quarantäneabteilung - quarantine wardLast post 04 Jul 14, 20:21
Die Familien der betroffenen Gefangenen sind besorgt und verstört darüber, dass es keine Nac…1 Replies
male ward - MännerstationLast post 10 Jan 14, 17:41
The male ward has regular beds and some extension beds for accommodating emergency patients.…1 Replies
children's ward - KinderabteilungLast post 13 Apr 09, 18:25
The clinic has a dedicated maternity programme and a children's ward that deals with many ca…2 Replies