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warnLast post 06 Feb 09, 20:12
Is this sentence logical? Shouldn't it be without 'not'? I think we should warn producers o…27 Replies
warn onLast post 18 Nov 08, 19:29
"China warns on emission control" - BBC article ich kann zwar warn on mehrfach bei google f…3 Replies
Warn-IndikatorenLast post 08 Oct 07, 18:32
vergangenheitsbezogene und Warn-Indikatoren verwenden, um dann entsprechende Veränderungsmaß…11 Replies
I must warn youLast post 04 May 07, 19:38
I must warn you, it'll be pretty embarrassing. Ich muss ihnen vorwarnen, es wird ziemlich p…1 Replies
warn't a lieLast post 18 Sep 11, 09:32
If freckles were lovely, and day was night, And measles were nice and a lie warn't a lie, L…12 Replies
remembered to warn/warning Last post 15 May 10, 09:54
I only just remembered to warn/warning her in time.¨ I only just remembered to warn her in t…1 Replies
to warn so about sthLast post 31 Aug 08, 20:14
'I warned you about that' 'Ich habe dich davor gewarnt'1 Replies
warn of/that/against/ ?about?Last post 25 Jan 10, 20:57
Hallo miteinander, könnt ihr mir bitte erklären, wann man warn about benutzt? Ich kenne 2 Replies
Warn - difference between different senses of the wordLast post 21 Oct 09, 23:11
There are (at least) two senses of the word "warn" in English and I was wondering whether "w…3 Replies
Oh, boy, I must needs warn you, she is definitely no-non-sense.Last post 21 Oct 09, 00:38
Oh, boy, I must needs warn you, she is definitely no-non-sense. Hi, was heißt das auf Deut…4 Replies

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