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although, albeit, if

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WhetherLast post 28 Jul 06, 17:08
I searched and found a discussion that probably would have answered my question, but unfortu…3 Replies
"whether..." or "No matter whether..."Last post 18 Jul 16, 18:40
Which of these is the most common usage in the UK?FFY is suitable for both men and women at …2 Replies
if/whetherLast post 14 May 07, 11:51
The issuing of a credit note may change the stock. This depends on the fact if the article w…0 Replies
if whetherLast post 24 Dec 13, 23:17
He needs someone to catch him whether his mom falls. Warum geht hier kein whether und nur i…4 Replies
investigated whetherLast post 01 Jun 12, 16:37
Therefore, the study investigated whether XX might also mediate the induction of YY in human…2 Replies
whether Last post 29 Sep 17, 15:10
In dem folgenden Satz würde ich als jemand, der kein Englisch kann, eher ein "whether" erwar…16 Replies
ob = whether oder no matter whether?Last post 01 Sep 15, 22:53
Ob Hund, Katze oder Vogel, Dr Springer hilft alle Tiere. Whether Dog .... Oder No matter …3 Replies
whether oder ifLast post 05 Nov 06, 20:15
kann man if oder whether immer synonym verwenden. Was wäre im folgenden Satz besser: I don…8 Replies
Verwendung von "whether"Last post 29 Aug 07, 15:21
Verflixt, ich stehe gerade auf dem Schlauch. Kann mir mal jemand sagen, wie man das schöne W…7 Replies
whether ... or notLast post 08 Jan 14, 11:31
Which of these sentences is gramatically correct? "It is important to find out whether they…12 Replies