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whistle-blower - NestbeschmutzerLast post 01 May 07, 18:26
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whistleblower Nestbeschmutzer ist ganz klar ein falscher Ausdru…23 Replies
Whistle-blower - WhistleblowerLast post 26 Nov 10, 00:44
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&p=8x2MgA&search=Whistleblower Ich zumindest habe von Whistl15 Replies
whistleLast post 12 Apr 11, 00:32
Do you think that the following sentences are correct? 1) The referee whistled the end (fi…4 Replies
whistle-stopLast post 30 Nov 18, 21:26
In meinem Roman (GB) geht es um eine Band, die für ein Konzert engagiert werden soll.They've…14 Replies
slide whistle - LotusflöteLast post 01 Oct 12, 14:44
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kolbenfl%C3%B6te Ist ein blockflötenartiges Blasinstrument ohne…2 Replies
whistle-blower - ethischer DissidentLast post 04 Nov 07, 18:07
Quelle: http://www.transparency.de/Whistleblowing.60.0.html http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewW…2 Replies
whistle - pfeifenLast post 03 Dec 12, 09:07
I whistled spontaneously today for the first time in quite some while. Ich habe heute zum er…3 Replies
dog-whistle IslamophobiaLast post 12 Aug 18, 23:34
From the Guardian:Boris Johnson has been accused of “dog-whistle” Islamophobia by a former C…17 Replies
dog whistle - HundepfeifeLast post 27 Nov 12, 21:12
A dog whistle (also known as silent whistle or Galton's whistle) is a type of whistle used i…6 Replies
to whistle - to whistle a foul?Last post 19 Oct 08, 10:35
To whistle a foul. kann man das so sagen? eine schnelle antwort wäre klasse!2 Replies