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hunting/wildlifeLast post 07 Nov 03, 20:59
I'm searching for a translation (English-German) for the following terms: merganser wood du…1 Replies
wildlife - wild lebende TiereLast post 03 Apr 12, 12:10
http://www.macmillandictionary.com/dictionary/british/wildlife : animals, birds, and plants…6 Replies
wildlife - die TierweltLast post 05 Apr 12, 15:13
animal kingdom --- die Tierwelt fauna --- die Tierwelt marine wildlife --- Tier- und Pflanze4 Replies
game reserve/sanctuary - WildreservatLast post 21 Mar 08, 11:49
Whoa! I just saw a question in the forums (http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewWrongentry.php?idFo…29 Replies
wildlifeLast post 30 Nov 07, 18:24
The country's wildlife crisis is nationwide in scale. Ich suche so viele wie moegliche Über…7 Replies
wildlifeLast post 08 May 07, 16:54
Wildlife not only means wild animals, but refers to all non-domesticated plants, animals, an…11 Replies
Wildtierkamera - wildlife cameraLast post 04 May 13, 09:16
Mit meiner neuen Wildtierkamera kann ich auch nachts scharfe Bilder von einheimischen Tieren…0 Replies
Tierfilmer - wildlife cameramanLast post 04 Jan 13, 15:46
Die Serie „Tierfilmer in Action" zeigt, welche Abenteuer die Männer und Frauen hinter der Ka…0 Replies
wildlife campaigner - WildtierschützerLast post 27 Apr 13, 19:13
Poachers are taking advantage of instability in the Central African Republic to kill more en…3 Replies
wildlife cameraman - TierfilmerLast post 04 May 13, 11:50
Scottish wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan risked his life to follow a wild polar bear fami…1 Replies