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itch, twit, wait, wilt, wish, witch weit, Wirt, Witz

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contrasted with - abgestochen???Last post 03 Dec 05, 23:22
I've never heard of 'abgestochen', I cannot make head or tail of it. Does anybody else know …1 Replies
various with "yoghurt" - ...Last post 04 Aug 10, 17:39
natural yoghourt\t-\t der Naturjoghurt\t \t plain yogurt\t-\t der Naturjoghurt \t yoghurt…1 Replies
armed with (mil.) - ausgestattet mitLast post 16 Dec 13, 11:15
v.tr. 1. To equip with weapons: armed themselves with loaded pistols; arm a missile with a w…0 Replies
with regards to content\t \t \t - inhaltlichLast post 07 Oct 13, 09:06
Auch wenn "with regards to content" mehr Treffer als "with regard to content" bei einer site…2 Replies
screw with interval serrations - InnenvielzahnschraubeLast post 11 Aug 10, 15:51
http://www.google.de/images?hl=de&q=screw%20with%20internal%20serrations&um=1&ie=UTF-8&0 Replies
compared - gegenüberLast post 21 Apr 04, 16:39
Just a bit of tidying.3 Replies
with might and main - mit LeibeskräftenLast post 31 Dec 07, 14:36
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewUnsolvedquery.php?idThread=409030&idForum=1&lp=ende&lang=d4 Replies
frontier with (Hungary...) - Grenze mit (Ungarn...)Last post 22 Jul 16, 19:46
 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frontier"A frontier is the political and geographical areas n…15 Replies
piezoceramics used with sg. verb - PiezokeramikLast post 07 Oct 15, 11:11
The translation as such is fine, just the rider used with sg. verb is not correct per se. Ce0 Replies
container with fixed wheels - der RollcontainerLast post 17 Jan 10, 02:11
Nach meinem Verständnis ist ein Rollcontainer ein schreibtischunabhängiges Schubladenelement…12 Replies