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(within) living memory - (seit) MenschengedenkenLast post 14 Apr 18, 11:43
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&9 Replies
living "within the bell"Last post 01 May 08, 11:02
Another new world girl question I`m afraid: I was just recently introduced to the idea of "…8 Replies
within / withoutLast post 15 Jun 12, 09:13
Laut Leo ist "without" poetisch und archaisch, während "within" keine derartigen Kennzeichnu…9 Replies
It's within my grasp. - Ich begreife es.Last post 19 Nov 07, 16:11
grasp [2, noun] [...] [3b:] the power of seizing and holding or attaining (Merriam-Webster2 Replies
in vs. withinLast post 13 Apr 08, 13:20
Dear native speakers, do you see any differences between IN and WITHIN in the following sen…2 Replies
within... days of Last post 23 May 11, 14:49
Liebe LEOniden, ich bin gerade etwas verwirrt. Ich übersetze eine Bankgarantie ins Deutsche…9 Replies
"in" ODER "within"Last post 11 Aug 11, 13:52
Der Maschine befindet sich in der Halle The chair is located in/within the hall. Was ist nu…4 Replies
within an hourLast post 25 Apr 16, 10:55
A question do you saywithin an hourorwithin the hourThanks for help1 Replies
to live within one's means - sich nach der Decke strecken Last post 21 Nov 07, 21:44
http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/means 3plural : resources available for disposal; especially …12 Replies
within - innerhalbLast post 12 Jun 09, 11:24
All services will be within the area of java development. Meine Übersetzung: Alle Leistung…1 Replies