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without a trace - spurlosLast post 20 Jun 11, 16:25
Karen, a vibrant 23-year-old with a good job and bright future, disappeared without a trace …11 Replies
without a doubt - ohne ZweifelLast post 08 Mar 14, 00:28
Idioms: 1. beyond (a or the shadow of) a doubt, with certainty; definitely. Random House …8 Replies
withoutLast post 07 Apr 16, 23:10
Even if it had been the rich who brought about the transfer of decision-making authority fro…5 Replies
without permanent home - ohne festen WohnsitzLast post 29 Feb 12, 16:43
phrase •of no fixed abode legal British without a permanent home Thesaurus entry for this me…5 Replies
"Without Prejudice"Last post 06 Jun 06, 16:50
Was bedeutet bitte, wenn in britischen Geschäftskorrespondenzen die Überschrift "Without Pre…7 Replies
within / withoutLast post 15 Jun 12, 09:13
Laut Leo ist "without" poetisch und archaisch, während "within" keine derartigen Kennzeichnu…9 Replies
without - draußenLast post 18 Dec 09, 02:43
http://www.mp3lyrics.org/b/bob-dylan/the-mighty-quinn-quinn-the-eskimo/ Oh come on without,…9 Replies
to attend without receiving - dienen ohne GegenleistungLast post 07 Jun 06, 12:48
Irgendwie kommt mir diese Phrase sehr aus dem Zusammenhang gerissen vor. Ist das ein Fachbeg…1 Replies
without resort to dishonesty - ohne zu unlauteren Mitteln zu greifen Last post 23 May 04, 01:40
As an English person the original English translation in LEO hurts..... I believe my propose…5 Replies
talk without aboutLast post 29 Apr 09, 14:31
Hi there, I was wondering why you sometimes use "to talk" without "about" after it. For ins…6 Replies