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woodwork (frame of a goal) - Holz (Pfosten oder Querleiste eines Tores)Last post 23 May 19, 15:35
Es ist mein erstes mal, dass ich hier etwas schreibe, also bitte seid gnädig. Ich versuch's…16 Replies
coming out of the woodwork - ???Last post 24 Sep 13, 09:32
http://sitecore.naa.org/TechNewsPub/Health-and-Safety/Hazardous-Materials/Security-After-Sep…8 Replies
in woodwork classesLast post 19 Jan 10, 13:12
In woodwork classes, you learn how to make things out of work. Wie lautet eine gute Überse…7 Replies
rat in the woodworkLast post 19 Jan 11, 10:45
Diese Redewendung (Sprichwort?) ist mir in Korrespondenz mit Amerikanern untergekommen und i…19 Replies
pitched and oregan pine woodworkLast post 20 Jul 09, 17:35
Pitched and oregan pine woodwork and magnificent stained glass windows just some of the many…6 Replies
to come out of the woodworkLast post 11 Nov 14, 22:26
All these people coming out of the woodwork... Danke!10 Replies
to come out of the woodworkLast post 05 Jan 09, 14:28
If racists win a seat on a council - as the British National Party is trying in Oldham - the…4 Replies
to come out of the woodwork - aus der Versenkung auftauchenLast post 18 Mar 10, 19:29
Even in Italy, cases of priestly paedophilia are coming out of the woodwork - over 80 of the…0 Replies
to come out of the woodwork - aus der Versenkung auftauchen / hervorkommenLast post 07 Feb 12, 11:07
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewUnsolvedquery.php?idThread=1032171&idForum=2&lp=ende http://di3 Replies
are not explicable by dumbing down in the woodworkLast post 06 Feb 12, 23:08
aus einem Guardian text über A-level results: The exam boards revealed today that the gap …11 Replies