Possible base forms for "wounded"

    wound (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

bounded, founded, hounded, rounded

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wounded - angeschossenLast post 14 Sep 06, 21:32
In the momentary disturbance, he attempted to run away, but, after being shot at and wounded…1 Replies
fatally wounded vs. mortally woundedLast post 07 Dec 09, 06:08
Would any native speaker see a different shade of meaning between both?8 Replies
woundedLast post 03 May 06, 22:42
To [him] they were nothing more than "Gypsies, filthy dogs, inhuman, wounded, dogs". Es geht…5 Replies
walking woundedLast post 03 Feb 12, 14:40
"She´s like the walking wounded." Im Kontext eines Romans geht es um eine Vorgesetzte, die …9 Replies
delivered a wounded glareLast post 09 Jun 09, 18:34
She pushed past him into the hall, then stopped, delivered a wounded glare and said, "Finish…5 Replies
to charge like a wounded bull - wie ein Aasgeier abkassierenLast post 12 Jun 15, 08:52
Examples: "The restaurant charges like a wounded bull while offering very average food." (h…24 Replies
52 Personen wurden teilweise schwer verletzt. - 52 people were partially fatally wounded.Last post 29 Sep 08, 08:02
An article making fun of the bad usage of German in headlines. Doesn't really sound right in…14 Replies
wounded and held in a hospital - ist verwundet und wurde in einem Spital aufgenommen Last post 30 Apr 13, 18:29
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, wounded and held in a Boston hospital, has said his brother -- who was ki…5 Replies
casualties - Tote oder Verletzte?Last post 10 Nov 08, 09:04
The War resulted in 15 million casualties. 15 Millionen Verletzte und/oder Tote? :-) Danke!5 Replies
gekränkte EitelkeitLast post 25 Feb 09, 20:59
Das ist doch nur gekränkte Eitelkeit! sagt man, wenn man etwas schlecht macht, weil man gek…7 Replies