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Orthographically similar words

your, Your, yous

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thyself, ye, yous, youse

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How are you? - Guten Tag!Last post 22 Mar 09, 17:12
Ist das ein falscher Eintrag oder stimmt es? Was meint ihr dazu?2 Replies
How do you do? - Angenehm! Last post 04 Nov 05, 17:05
Ich bin gerade zufällig darüber gestolpert.. das mit dem guten Tag kann ich mir einigermasse…26 Replies
you ok?Last post 12 Nov 08, 15:15
you ok...? this saying obviously meaning something like "next please" is slowly getting on m…32 Replies
You what?Last post 13 Jan 10, 21:26
I'm asking the (slightly) older generation now: In 1982 or 1983 or, maybe, even 1984 there w…10 Replies
'Love you, ...'Last post 01 Feb 07, 16:15
Dear all, I have a question: If somebody writes 'Love you, ...' at the end of a letter or e…6 Replies
you frackerLast post 08 Feb 13, 11:51
I thought this was pretty funny. ... to supplier: in short a fracking long time. http2 Replies
See you later! - Bis gleich!Last post 10 Jun 09, 18:21
Zumindest für UK stimmt das wohl nicht. Das sagt man hier ganz normal zum Abschied, auch wen…15 Replies
You are telling me! - Wem erzählen Sie das!Last post 19 Jun 13, 15:48
you're telling me! informal http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/british/you-re-tellin7 Replies
You know you're Swiss IF...Last post 02 Sep 08, 10:38
1. you complain if your bus/train/tram is more than 5 minutes late. Make that 1 minute 2. yo…48 Replies
you know you're german if ...Last post 30 May 08, 16:53
Ich habe Folgendes gehört: "You know you are german if... 13. Tenth grade was all about danc…33 Replies