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2.1.2.a.T1 Substantive mit Endung '-man', die den Plural auf '-men' bilden

Die Bildung des Plurals auf -men ist für Substantive mit Endung -man der Normalfall.
Für abweichende Pluralbildungen von Substantiven mit Endung -man siehe
2.1.2.a.T2 Substantive mit Endung '-man', die den Plural auf '-s' bilden
Nachfolgend eine Tabelle von im Wörterbuch enthaltenen Substantiven mit Endung -man, die der regulären Pluralbildung folgen. Klicken Sie ein Tabellenelement an, um die im Wörterbuch enthaltenen Übersetzungen zu erhalten.

Singular Plural Singular Plural
adman admen journeyman journeymen
adwoman adwomen kinsman kinsmen
aidman aidmen kinswoman kinswomen
airman airmen Klansman Klansmen
alderman aldermen landman landmen
almsman almsmen landsman landsmen
anchorman anchormen layman laymen
anchorwoman anchorwomen leadman leadmen
artilleryman artillerymen liftman liftmen
assemblyman assemblymen lighterman lightermen
axman axmen lineman linemen
backwoodsman backwoodsmen linesman linesmen
bagman bagmen liveryman liverymen
bailsman bailsmen longshoreman longshoremen
bandsman bandsmen lumberman lumbermen
barman barmen madman madmen
batsman batsmen madwoman madwomen
binman binmen mailman mailmen
boatman boatmen man men
boatsman boatsmen marksman marksmen
bogeyman bogeymen markswoman markswomen
bogyman bogymen meatman meatmen
bondman bondmen merchantman merchantmen
bondsman bondsmen merman mermen
bondswoman bondswomen merwoman merwomen
bondwoman bondwomen middleman middlemen
boogeyman boogeymen midshipman midshipmen
bookman bookmen militiaman militiamen
bossman bossmen milkman milkmen
bushman bushmen minuteman minutemen
businessman businessmen missileman missilemen
businesswoman businesswomen mobsman mobsmen
cabman cabmen motorman motormen
cameraman cameramen muscleman musclemen
camerawoman camerawomen needlewoman needlewomen
candyman candymen newspaperman newspapermen
cattleman cattlemen nobleman noblemen
cavalryman cavalrymen Norseman Norsemen
caveman cavemen Northman Northmen
cellarman cellarmen nurseryman nurserymen
chainman chainmen oarsman oarsmen
chairman chairmen oilman oilmen
chapman chapmen ombudsman ombudsmen
charwoman charwomen outdoorsman outdoorsmen
checkweighman checkweighmen overman overmen
chessman chessmen patrolman patrolmen
churchman churchmen penman penmen
churchwoman churchwomen peteman petemen
clansman clansmen pigman pigmen
clanswoman clanswomen pikeman pikemen
clergyman clergymen pitman pitmen
clergywoman clergywomen plainsman plainsmen
coachman coachmen pointsman pointsmen
committeeman committeemen policeman policemen
congressman congressmen policewoman policewomen
congresswoman congresswomen powderman powdermen
conman conmen pressman pressmen
corpsman corpsmen propman propmen
councilman councilmen quarryman quarrymen
councilwoman councilwomen raftsman raftsmen
countryman countrymen ragman ragmen
countrywoman countrywomen railwayman railwaymen
cowman cowmen rifleman riflemen
craftsman craftsmen roadman roadmen
craftswoman craftswomen rodman rodmen
creditman creditmen roundsman roundsmen
dairyman dairymen salaryman salarymen
deadman deadmen salesman salesmen
deathsman deathsmen saleswoman saleswomen
deliveryman deliverymen sandman sandmen
deskman deskmen sandwichman sandwichmen
doorman doormen sanman sanmen
draftsman draftsmen Scotsman Scotsmen
draftswoman draftswomen Scotswoman Scotswomen
draughtsman draughtsmen seaman seamen
draughtswoman draughtswomen seedsman seedsmen
drayman draymen selectman selectmen
dustman dustmen serviceman servicemen
Dutchman Dutchmen shiftman shiftmen
Dutchwoman Dutchwomen shopman shopmen
everyman everymen showman showmen
fenman fenmen signalman signalmen
ferryman ferrymen slaughterman slaughtermen
fireman firemen snowman snowmen
firewoman firewomen spaceman spacemen
fisherman fishermen spacewoman spacewomen
fishwoman fishwomen spiderman spidermen
flagman flagmen spokesman spokesmen
floorman floormen spokeswoman spokeswomen
foeman foemen sportsman sportsmen
foilsman foilsmen sportswoman sportswomen
footman footmen stableman stablemen
foreman foremen statesman statesmen
forewoman forewomen stateswoman stateswomen
foundryman foundrymen steerman steermen
freedman freedmen steersman steersmen
freedwoman freedwomen stickman stickmen
freeman freemen stockman stockmen
freewoman freewomen stoneman stonemen
Frenchman Frenchmen strokesman strokesmen
Frenchwoman Frenchwomen strongman strongmen
freshman freshmen stuntman stuntmen
frogman frogmen stuntwoman stuntwomen
frontiersman frontiersmen superman supermen
frontman frontmen switchman switchmen
frontwoman frontwomen swordsman swordsmen
fugleman fuglemen tallyman tallymen
garbageman garbagemen taxman taxmen
gasman gasmen tillerman tillermen
gentleman gentlemen timberman timbermen
gentlewoman gentlewomen topman topmen
gleeman gleemen towerman towermen
groomsman groomsmen townsman townsmen
guardsman guardsmen townswoman townswomen
guildsman guildsmen trackman trackmen
gunman gunmen tradesman tradesmen
handicraftsman handicraftsmen trainman trainmen
handyman handymen trencherman trenchermen
hangman hangmen tribesman tribesmen
harvestman harvestmen tribeswoman tribeswomen
headman headmen truckman truckmen
headsman headsmen Turkman Turkmen
helmsman helmsmen vestryman vestrymen
henchman henchmen warehouseman warehousemen
herdsman herdsmen washerwoman washerwomen
herdswoman herdswomen watchman watchmen
highwayman highwaymen weatherman weathermen
hitman hitmen wireman wiremen
horseman horsemen woman women
horsewoman horsewomen woodman woodmen
huntsman huntsmen woodsman woodsmen
iceman icemen workingman workingmen
infantryman infantrymen workman workmen
infantrywoman infantrywomen yeoman yeomen
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