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2.1.1.e.T1 Substantive mit Endung '-y', die den Plural auf '-ies' bilden

Die Bildung des Plurals auf -ies ist für Substantive mit Endung Konsonant + -y der reguläre Fall.
Für die Pluralbildung von Substantiven, bei denen -y kein Konsonant vorangeht, siehe
2.1.1.e.T2 Substantive mit Endung '-y', die den Plural auf '-s' bilden
Nachfolgend eine Tabelle von im Wörterbuch enthaltenen Substantiven mit Endung Konsonant + -y, die der regulären Pluralbildung folgen. Klicken Sie ein Tabellenelement an, um die im Wörterbuch enthaltenen Übersetzungen zu erhalten.

Singular Plural Singular Plural
ability abilities gully gullies
academy academies guppy guppies
accessory accessories gypsy gypsies
activity activities hackberry hackberries
adversary adversaries hanky hankies
affluent society affluent societies hobby hobbies
agency agencies horsefly horseflies
ally allies hostility hostilities
analogy analogies housefly houseflies
anthology anthologies hoverfly hoverflies
antibody antibodies hubby hubbies
archenemy archenemies huckleberry huckleberries
army armies husky huskies
artery arteries hussy hussies
atrocity atrocities infirmary infirmaries
baby babies injury injuries
bakery bakeries juneberry juneberries
balcony balconies jury juries
barfly barflies jutty jutties
battery batteries kiddy kiddies
bearberry bearberries kitty kitties
belly bellies laboratory laboratories
berry berries lady ladies
bevy bevies landlady landladies
biddy biddies lily lilies
biography biographies lingonberry lingonberries
biopsy biopsies loganberry loganberries
bivvy bivvies lolly lollies
blackberry blackberries lorry lorries
blackfly blackflies lullaby lullabies
blazonry blazonries mantidfly mantidflies
blenny blennies mayfly mayflies
blowfly blowflies melody melodies
blueberry blueberries memory memories
bobby bobbies ministry ministries
body bodies minority minorities
bonny bonnies molly mollies
booty booties mommy mommies
botfly botflies mulberry mulberries
boundary boundaries mummy mummies
boysenberry boysenberries nanny nannies
brewery breweries nappy nappies
buddy buddies nunnery nunneries
buggy buggies nursery nurseries
bully bullies orderly orderlies
bunny bunnies ordinary ordinaries
busybody busybodies orgy orgies
butterfly butterflies ovary ovaries
cabby cabbies owlfly owlflies
caddisfly caddisflies paddy paddies
caddy caddies pantry pantries
canary canaries parody parodies
candleberry candleberries party parties
car ferry car ferries pastry pastries
casualty casualties penny pennies
catchfly catchflies peony peonies
catchpenny catchpennies pigsty pigsties
category categories ply plies
cavity cavities pokeberry pokeberries
celebrity celebrities pony ponies
cemetery cemeteries poppy poppies
century centuries pygmy pygmies
ceremony ceremonies quarry quarries
charlady charladies query queries
checkerberry checkerberries rally rallies
cherry cherries raspberry raspberries
ciggy ciggies refinery refineries
city cities remedy remedies
cloudberry cloudberries reply replies
cognitive ability cognitive abilities ruby rubies
commentary commentaries salary salaries
commodity commodities saleslady salesladies
copy copies sandfly sandflies
country countries sawfly sawflies
cowberry cowberries scrunchy scrunchies
cranberry cranberries seminary seminaries
crematory crematories sentry sentries
cross-berry cross-berries serviceberry serviceberries
crowberry crowberries short story short stories
crybaby crybabies sky skies
currency currencies smithy smithies
curry curries snakefly snakeflies
daddy daddies snowberry snowberries
daisy daisies society societies
damselfly damselflies sorority sororities
dandy dandies spurry spurries
dead body dead bodies spy spies
deficiency deficiencies story stories
deity deities strawberry strawberries
delivery deliveries study studies
deputy deputies subsidy subsidies
derby derbies sulky sulkies
diary diaries summary summaries
dictionary dictionaries symphony symphonies
dingleberry dingleberries teddy teddies
ditty ditties telly tellies
dobsonfly dobsonflies tendency tendencies
doily doilies theocracy theocracies
dolly dollies travel agency travel agencies
dragonfly dragonflies treaty treaties
dry fly dry flies trilby trilbies
dummy dummies trilogy trilogies
dust bunny dust bunnies trophy trophies
easterly easterlies try tries
eddy eddies tummy tummies
elderberry elderberries underbelly underbellies
fallacy fallacies underbody underbodies
family families undersecretary undersecretaries
felony felonies understudy understudies
fenberry fenberries utility utilities
ferry ferries vacancy vacancies
firefly fireflies vocabulary vocabularies
fishfly fishflies washery washeries
fly flies waxberry waxberries
folly follies weekly weeklies
gadfly gadflies welly wellies
glossary glossaries whortleberry whortleberries
glowfly glowflies working property working properties
gooseberry gooseberries worry worries
grocery groceries    
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