LEOs Zusatzinformationen: to pin up one's hair - sich das Haar aufstecken


to pin up one's hair

Definition (British English)

pin, up, hair
Macmillan Dictionary

Definition (American English)

pin, up, one's, hair
Merriam Webster

Thesaurus, synonyms, antonyms

pin, up, one's, hair
Merriam Webster


pin, up, hair
Online Etymology Dictionary

sich das Haar aufstecken


sich, Haar, aufstecken

Forum discussions containing the search term

put one's hair up / to pin one's hair upLast post 24 Sep 10, 13:40
1) sich (at Dativ) das Haar aufstecken 2) sich (at Dativ) die Haare aufstecken 3) sich (at…5 Replies
to bob one's hairLast post 23 May 07, 07:01
School teachers who bob their hair may forfeit their pay raises. Ist damit gemeint die Haar…6 Replies
to straighten one's hairLast post 05 Oct 09, 22:41
I get up at 6 o'clock, I take a shower and then straighten my hair. using hair straightener…8 Replies
Mess up (one's hair)Last post 16 Jun 10, 19:58
Don't wea a hat. It will mess up your hair.2 Replies
take one's back hair downLast post 10 Oct 10, 15:46
From Miss Marple, A Caribbean Mystery: It had been some time before she had been able to get…1 Replies
to wear one's hair curlyLast post 18 Jun 13, 22:18
Are you going to wear your hair curly or straight for the interview? I realized I don't know18 Replies
pin-straight hairLast post 02 Mar 11, 23:10
Her pin-straight red hair was rumpled in the back. Was genau bedeutet pin-straight? Danke!4 Replies
to let one's hair grow in, to let one's hair grow outLast post 05 Jul 17, 19:19
grow in / let something grow inTo fill an area by growing extensively within it: We cut down…5 Replies
hair roller pinLast post 03 Jul 06, 14:34
Wie heißen denn die Nadeln, mit denen man die Lockenwickler feststeckt?1 Replies
to pull (one's hair) out overLast post 22 Oct 11, 17:12
She was a daughter you would want to pull your hair out over. Die Tochter wird in den höchs…5 Replies

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