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favorably | favourably

Definition (British English)

Macmillan Dictionary

Definition (American English)

favorably, favorable, favourably, favourable
Merriam Webster

Thesaurus, synonyms, antonyms

favorably, favorable, favourably, favourable
Merriam Webster


favorable, favourable
Online Etymology Dictionary




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favourable/favourablyLast post 19 Nov 12, 09:16
This therapy will compare favourable/favourably to the old one I know that grammatically fa…1 Replies
vorteilhaftLast post 22 May 13, 17:48
z.B Das schwarze Kleid sah sehr vorteilhaft an ihr aus. Hallo, Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob…7 Replies
favorably weight balanced Last post 08 Mar 09, 12:44
The total model is favorably weight balanced, which together with the delicate design consid…4 Replies
favorableLast post 31 May 11, 04:58
"I am sorry that I can't give you a more favorable answer." Not sure how to say "favorable.…3 Replies
vorteilhaft auswirkenLast post 02 Oct 08, 13:39
"Das Mittel wirkt sich auch sehr vorteilhaft bei Magengeschwüren und Blähungsschmerzen aus."…1 Replies
to compete favourablyLast post 20 Jun 11, 13:06
Overall gold & silver content compare favorably to other projects within region vielen Dank!3 Replies
favourably responded toLast post 04 Aug 10, 09:35
Hallo, ich komme mit einer Übersetzung des folgenden Ausdrucks nicht ganz klar - es sollte…7 Replies
besonders vorteilhaftLast post 16 Apr 10, 22:46
Besonders vorteilhaft kann ... im industriellen Bereich eingesetzt werden. I'm fighting wit…3 Replies
favourable termLast post 13 Jan 08, 21:25
Hy! Consumer Co-operatives try to provide goods or services for their members on favourable…1 Replies
favourable indicativeLast post 26 Apr 10, 15:46
... if results are favourable Indicative analyses will be required.4 Replies
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