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When to use this forum

If you have serious doubts about an entry in our dictionary, we’d love to hear from you in the ‘Wrong entry’ section of our forums. If you have spotted a typo or other minor mistake, it’s easiest if you use the ­ ‘Report mistakes’ form. ­

How to use this forum

  • For the benefit of all users, we are linking dictionary entries that are based on a suggestion in the new entry section with the relevant post. Other users will appreciate the time and effort you invested in researching an entry. Thank you!

How to start a new thread  ­

  • Click REPORT MISTAKE at the bottom right of your page to start a new thread.
  • Copy the LEO entry – if possible verbatim – in the wrong entry form. Select additional tags (grammar, region etc.) where relevant.
  • Click ADD to add a proposed correction. This is optional but if you do make use of these fields please also quote your references in the field marked Examples/ definitions with source references. Use the Comment field for any other comments you wish to make.
  • Click  ­ADD­ if you need fields for other related corrections.
  • If you would just like to make a comment on an entry and ask for it to be deleted (rather than corrected), please do so in the Comment field.