LEO’s Netiquette Guidelines

The LEO Forum exists to provide a platform where language enthusiasts of all levels, learners or professionals, can have discussions about topics related to language and culture, be it in the context of business, education or lifestyle.

The forum also helps us to source new entries for our dictionaries as well as gain clarity on dubious entries. It is a treasure trove of information regarding the meaning and usage of words and as such an invaluable extension of the dictionary.

Below are some guidelines for how we would like interaction among participants to be.

LEO’s Netiquette Guidelines

Here’s what we expect from everyone who takes part in our forum:

  • Be polite.  ­
  • Be respectful and kind. We welcome different opinions, worldviews, preferences and cultural backgrounds. We do not tolerate hate speech or dehumanizing comments based on ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or gender. 
  • Keep comments factual and to the point. No ad hominem attacks.

Some other things that are important to us:

  • Please contribute to the quality of discussions by keeping comments relevant to the topic of the thread and be mindful of your level of language proficiency, especially when making contributions in the translation forums;
  • Please check your spelling as best possible (we particularly appreciate correct usage of German capitalization rules);
  • Not everyone is a spelling wizard so please try to be forgiving if someone struggles with spelling or is not aware yet of expectations in this forum;
  • Please take part in discussions you started and respond to follow-up questions;
  • If you post a link to an external site, please let others know where it leads (unless it’s self-explanatory).
  • If you choose to submit responses from AI-assisted text generators (such as ChatGTP), please mark them appropriately and include the question. In the New / Wrong Entry sections, these responses are not considered valid sources for the inclusion or change of an entry.

We consider the above points to be guidelines. We may, at our discretion, opt to delete contributions and ban accounts we might have concluded to have crossed the line.

“Violations” may result in sanctions which we will decide on a case-by-case basis.