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aloft, upward, upwards, upstairs

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to man upLast post 14 Sep 20, 22:10
Taking responsibility is essentially what it means to man up! The cowards blame everyone els…2 Replies
to muddle sth. up . - to mix sth. up - to intermingle - entreverarLast post 28 Nov 20, 19:01
Leo ya tiene las entradas :…0 Replies
to give up one's turn - ceder la vezLast post 30 Apr 20, 19:12
to give up one's turn → ceder la vezCollins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged 8th…1 Replies
hello - how are you - what's up - quiubo - quiúbole - quihuboLast post 14 Aug 20, 19:45
In addition the entries for…0 Replies
look up (at, from) - raise one’s eyes - levantar la miradaLast post 28 Nov 20, 13:29
Levantar la mirada - gaudiumlux - blogger…0 Replies
to break up with so. - romper (interrumpir sus relaciones con la pareja) Last post 15 Nov 20, 17:17
Leo ya tiene las entradas :…0 Replies
to look | looked, looked | - -Last post 15 Jul 21, 11:36
Leo currently has this entry :Siehe Wörterbuch: alzar ... to look | looked, looked |      1 Replies
so far / thus far / as yet / to date / up to now / until now / hitherto / heretofore - hasta ahoraLast post 20 Nov 19, 09:02
LEO en-de: to date\t\t- \tbisher Adv. \t‌\t\t \tso far\t\t- \tbisher Adv. \t‌\t\t \tunti…1 Replies

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